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Trading Educator's Corner

Daniel Zanger Daniel J. Zanger*
Chart pattern recognition specialist, president and founder, and editor, The Zanger Report

Focus: Chart pattern recognition, trading behavior analysis and swing trading

* Not employed by or affiliated with Interactive Data

How Dan Zanger Uses eSignal

My trading style incorporates the identification of volatile stocks in the market with profitable chart patterns, and I use this information to swing trade stocks as they emerge from defined patterns. (Swing trading involves buying a stock as it emerges from defined bases or patterns, such as a Bull or Bear Flag, and holding them for a maximum of three to six days.)

Screen 1While swing trading is my most treasured style, one needs to keep in mind that not all styles of trading work in all market conditions. Often, stocks need 10 to 15 weeks to fully appreciate in price. Through various time frames, I study the action of a stock’s behavior as indicated in its chart patterns. Watching and understanding this "action," however, takes patience and years of experience before one can fully understand how this behavior should dictate how one should trade the issue.

My most informative trading tool is the accurate interpretation of a stock’s trading volume throughout the day. eSignal provides me with the lifeblood of my trading style. I use eSignal’s quote page and the (aVolume) feature and compare it to a stock’s daily average volume, so I can quickly gauge disparities and unique changes of volume throughout the trading day.

Screen 2I look judiciously at a stock’s volume to see if its volume is far ahead of its daily average as it is under accumulation, or is the stock moving on below-average volume? Conversely, I look to see if a stock is moving lower (distribution) on heavy volume, or is it moving on lighter-than-normal volume?

I rely on eSignal's volume on its quote page for this information. No other data provider can deliver such precise data during the day.

With eSignal, I also set price buy or short point alerts a day or two in advance of a potential move so that I am notified when a stock breaks through a buy point or breakout point. With just a click of the mouse, I can access a multitude of charts, and see if the stock’s chart pattern is correct or healthy, using any time frame or time duration.

Screen 3As another barometer, I identify powerful percentage changes in earnings and revenue to spot emerging winners. Typically, most of my stocks have earnings and revenues up 100% or greater, with a small number of shares that float. These characteristics cause stocks to have large changes in price in shorter periods of time as The Street reacts to announcements about the company.

Dan's Educator Credentials
Dan is considered one of the top chart pattern recognition specialists in the country today by virtue of his record-setting portfolio performance and his work as a lecturer and editor of one of the industry’s most successful financial newsletters. He combines chart pattern recognition with trading-behavior analysis to select his market-leading recommendations. His style brought him worldwide recognition in December 2000 when he set a portfolio performance world record during the Internet bubble, turning $10,775 into $18 million in one of his portfolios in only 18 months! This success brought him coverage from Fortune, Forbes and Stocks & Commodities magazines and made him a sought-after trading authority.

Dan has been actively involved with chart pattern recognition since 1977 and has spent 1,000s of hours researching and studying various patterns or "set-ups" in both strong and weak markets. What emerged from his studies was a prolific aptitude for foretelling a move in a stock before it actually made that move. Dan shares this powerful knowledge in The Zanger Report newsletter and at his seminars, helping novice and experienced traders to trade with superior confidence.

Dan has lectured all over the United States since 1995 and teaches his methodology nightly on his website,, where he also publishes his newsletter four nights a week, which highlights profitable trade ideas on fast-moving stocks and indices. Dan's style of clear and easy interpretation of these charts has made him a hit with newbies trying to grasp the fundamentals of chart pattern recognition. His ideas have been featured in industry-leading publications around the world.

Daniel Zanger's Writings
Dan is editor of The Zanger Report, which has been featured in Forbes, Fortune and Stocks & Commodities magazines

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