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Trading 201 Trading 201

These are some excerpts from the articles in Trading 201. The six issues of this FREE trading newsletter are packed with information you can really use.

So, You Want to Trade Forex: Understanding Forex in Plain English
By Raghee Horner, Founder / Lead Trader of

Let's imagine waking up on Tuesday morning. While you were sleeping, Sydney, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and London were all trading. London is the most active time zone in the Forex market, and it is five hours ahead of New York. Remember that this is a truly global market. As one time zone finishes trading for the day, another is starting. News and short-term fundamentals have very little to no long-term impact because of the 24-hour, worldwide participation...Subscribe to Trading 201 now!

Mastering Momentum Trading Using Technical Analysis
By Alan Farley of Hard Right Edge

In its purest form, volatility generates negative feedback as price swings randomly back and forth. However, if focused into a single direction, positive feedback awakens and generates momentum into strong price trending. Traders' recognition of these active-passive states will likely determine their ultimate success in market speculation…Momentum trading can be mastered. Three disciplines will break destructive habits and reprogram trading for success...Subscribe to Trading 201 now!

We All Trade by Our "Unique" Beliefs: How to Align Your Beliefs with the Market
By Bennett McDowell, Founder and President,
Full-time trader, seminar leader and one of the orignal contributors to the development of many of the Gann and Price / Time concepts within eSignal, Advanced GET Edition

You may not even realize it, but you trade in accordance with your own belief system. And, if you are not successful, it is because you are trading with a system that is not in alignment with your unique beliefs about the markets. Also, some of your beliefs may not be valid for use in the markets. Let me explain...Subscribe to Trading 201 now!

Advancing in Options (Vertical Spreads)
By Guy Bower

OK, so you've been reading all about options trading. You know all about calls and puts, and you know all about going long and going short. If you're at this point in your options education, it is now time to take it up a notch. This article is an introduction to spread trading. These are the strategies any professional trader will need to know inside out to trade options successfully, and it's also the fun stuff...Subscribe to Trading 201 now!


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